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Programs for Dogs to Enjoy

We offer many programs that allow your dogs to enjoy our facility. We have a large outdoor and indoor space for your dogs to play and enjoy. Our facility gets cleaned, sanitized, and cared for multiple times a day. Dogs can be messy but we strive to keep all locations of our facility clean. Our water at our facility is filtered, we have AC and Heat in all buildings, 6-foot fencing to keep dogs in assigned locations, acres of land for nature walks, groomer on board, and a self wash station. Your dog (if friendly) will get countless hours of playtime if requested with other dogs or you can choose play time with only a staff member. We have plenty of fun activities for your dog to enjoy during their stay. Every dog is crated during down time and at bedtime. Each will eat their meals in their kennels to make sure everyone is safe. You also can choose to board your dog in-home with a trainer for an additional fee, this will allow your dog to stay in a more quiet, relaxing environment during their stay. The trainer will add your dog into their everyday life and will send you personal updates during their stay.

New Programs

  • Stay and Play (Boarding) – This is a perfect program for dogs who are social and would like to interact with other dogs during their stay. They will get out anytime and every time during the day to join our day training students and doggy daycare dogs to play and enjoy their stay. All dogs must be social and show no signs of aggression.
  • Stay and Train– This is a perfect program for dogs who need training during their stay. We will work on basic obedience such as come, sit, down, place, heel, off and quiet. We offer several stay & train programs. Contact us for more information on this program because all dogs must complete a consultation before scheduling a stay and train. This is to prevent dogs being misplaced in the wrong program and making sure the trainer believes this program is the best fit for the individual dog. We offer several different forms of a stay & train such as puppy head start which is for puppies 5 months and under, basic obedience, advance obedience, and behavioral modification
  • Refresher Camp– Perfect for past clients who are looking for additional training or a tune up while your dog stays with us during your vacation.
  • 1 on 1 Coaching sessions – All of our private sessions start at our facility and can lead to in-home sessions or training in public spaces. Starting the sessions at the facility allows the trainer and you to set the foundations of the training in a controlled environment. Often owners are quick to want to move in-home because that is where the biggest issues are located but often we find that sets the dog up for failure because they don’t have a clear understanding of expectations we have for them. We want to make sure we can set both you and your dog up for success before raising the expectations in the home or in public. 1 on1 coaching sessions are perfect for individuals who want to learn how to train their dogs and be more hands on in their dogs training. Your trainer is Coaching you on how to be your own dog trainer.
  • Self-Wash Station– This is perfect for people who want to wash their own dogs but do not have the space or place to do so. We have fresh towels, a selection of hand selected grooming shampoos from a professional, grooming supplies such as clippers, nail trimmers, nail grinder, brushes, and blow dryer.