Private Lessons

One on one time lets us focus on your dog’s needs

One-on-One Private Lessons

Just like people, some dogs learn better through one-on-one coaching. Private lessons are a great option for those who want to give their dog individual attention without the distraction of a group setting. The lessons are specifically designed for your dog’s age, breed, temperament and behavior level. If your dog has specific behavior issues, you can address them right away in private lessons. There’s no need to spend time in a generic obedience class learning skills that aren’t relevant to you and your dog’s lifestyle. Maybe you want to focus solely on leash training, or you need some help with your hyperactive dog who jumps all over you.

An Overview of Our Training Process

We can coach you and your dog through all different types of training, from basic obedience to preventing and minimizing unwanted behavior. You can choose a lesson plan that includes some of the following areas:

  • Basic obedience – You’ll learn common verbal cues like come, sit, stay, lay down, and heel. These are the basic commands needed for all other types of skills.
  • Leash training – We’ll help you train your dog to walk properly on a leash without pulling or lagging behind. We can also teach your dog how to safely walk off-leash.
  • Crate training – Utilizing a crate can be an effective housetraining tool. It can also be used to safely contain your dog for short periods of time when you need to leave your home. You can have peace of mind that your dog won’t get into mischief while you’re away.
  • Housetraining – This is often one of the most demanding but necessary parts of dog training. No one likes to constantly clean up accidents, so we’ll teach you the most effective tips to get your dog potty trained.
  • Behavioral issues – Excessive barking, chewing, and play biting are just some of the common behavioral issues we can help reduce and eliminate. Our trainers have extensive experience with these types of behaviors and will teach you humane strategies to prevent these from becoming lifelong problems.
  • Advanced skills – If your dog already has graduated from basic or intermediate obedience courses, you can use our private lessons to implement more advanced skills. Teach your dog to retrieve certain items or perform fun tricks like playing dead or rolling over.

Your private lesson begins with a complete assessment of the current skill level of you and your dog. It’s important first to identify any problem areas and the overall goals you want for your dog. Our coaches will teach you the best way to communicate with your dog to promote healthy behaviors and skills. Consistency is essential in dog training, so you’ll be given regular homework to practice the skills you learned on your own time. Our private lessons allow you to focus on the specific skills and goals you want for your dog. You get to decide the pace and direction of your lessons, and we make sure to include take-home assignments to encourage consistent practice. Contact us today so we can help build your perfect program.