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Dog Training Is Now Easier Than Ever

Our Stay & Train service makes dog training easier than ever. This program combines multi-week boarding and training, perfect for those who may be limited on time but still want to invest in an intensive training course. Your dog will undergo a series of comprehensive lessons while enjoying a multi-week stay at our facilities. We offer various program lengths, depending on the special needs of your dog. Our facilities are clean, safe, and staffed by friendly professionals who will care for and train your dog using praise and positive reinforcement. Your dog’s stay will begin with a thorough assessment of his existing skills and behavior level. We customize a training plan to address any specific issues and get right to work!

Basic Training Commands

Our certified trainers will work with your dog every day to teach a list of basic commands:

  • Come – This basic cue ensures that your dog will respond to his name when called.
  • Sit – This command is essential to help your dog settle down and focus his attention on you.
  • Lay down – This is another useful verbal cue that can prevent jumping and overexcitement.
  • Stay – Your dog will learn to stay in place, which is useful to keep him away from potentially harmful situations.
  • Heel – Teaching your dog to heel will keep him close by your side while out on walks.

Obedience Training

Once these verbal cues are established, we can move on to other types of training that are customized to your dog’s needs. This might include the following:

  • Crate training – Using a crate is a safe and effective way to housetrain your dog. A crate is also a short-term solution that keeps your dog out of trouble while you’re away from home.
  • On and off-leash training – Most puppies need to be taught how to walk on a leash and follow your lead. We can also provide more advanced training to teach your dog how to safely walk off-leash and stay by your side.
  • Socialization – Some dogs lack the socialization skills that are needed to interact with other dogs or people. They may be overly dominant or shy and timid. We’ll work with your dog so he knows how to behave around other people and their pets.

Behavioral Training

We can also address and reduce any behavioral problems that your dog may have. Our trainers have experience in overcoming common issues such as:

  • Excessive barking/whining/howling – We can identify the triggers of your dog’s excessive barking and work to reduce their noisy responses.

  • Chewing – Puppies aren’t the only ones who have this destructive and potentially harmful habit. We’ll teach your dog what’s acceptable and safe to chew.

  • Aggression – Dogs may show aggression for a variety of reasons. Our trainers can help with this issue depending on the severity and cause.

During your dog’s stay with us, he will receive customized training and regular playtime and exercise. Our training sessions are designed to be straightforward and simple so your dog won’t get bored and distracted. You’ll receive a complete evaluation at the end of your dog’s stay so you can continue with the training at home. Contact us to learn more!