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Effective Dog Training

My Dog’s Coach is composed of licensed dog trainers who use only the most effective techniques in our training. Certified through the American Kennel CGC Puppy S.T.A.R Program, our years of experience have taught us what does and doesn’t work when training dogs and their owners. We believe in the power of positive reinforcement and the effectiveness of proper e-collar training. Our lessons are designed to build lifelong habits and behaviors through consistent communication.

our mission

Since day one, it has been our mission to strengthen the bond between people and their dogs. Effective training begins with good communication, so our training is designed to use direct and simple commands. It’s our goal to provide you the tools you need that help you and your dog live your best lives possible.

We’re dedicated to providing the best dog training services in Winchester, and we offer a variety of custom options to fit your needs. Our trainers will work with you to find the best solution for you and your dog, whether you need in-home or on-site training, private lessons, or our comprehensive Stay and Train program.

Helping Your Best Friend Thrive

We’re here to help you and your dog regardless of age, skill level, or breed. Every dog is unique and worthy of training that will create healthy boundaries and behavior skills. Dogs thrive on clear and consistent communication, which is at the root of our training services.

Our coaches can help your dog master the basic obedience skills that will ensure your companion will live his best life by your side. We’re experienced with eliminating common behavioral problems like excessive barking, food aggression, and hyperactivity. We use proven training techniques to quickly teach your dog desired behaviors. Our trainers are also fully experienced in all areas of puppy care, whether you need housebreaking tips or advice on crate training.

About Me

Growing up, I moved from home to home to family members to family friends and back again. The only consistent thing in my life was dogs. Everyone had a dog, so I made it my job to help groom, walk, train, and take care of the dogs. I would spend countless hours as a kid with the dogs. My Great aunt would rescue dogs, vet them, and rehome them; it was my job to train the dogs before they went into their new home. I’d teach them how to sit, come, shake, and lay down which would help them find a home faster. My biggest push into the dog training world was my dog, Maverick. Maverick was a rescue dog that was terrified of being in the car, different flooring, dark hallways, but he also was reactive. Maverick would bite kids, strangers, anyone that would touch me and I had no clue how to fix it. After Maverick bit a guy that nearly ended him in the hospital, I knew I had to find him a trainer. I sent Maverick off for a 3 week stay & train, and was obsessed with the idea of how I got a completely different dog, I had to know the secret. I begged for an opportunity to shadow the trainer. I learned from the trainer for nearly a year without making a profit while working 60 hours a week in a factory. Finally I scored a job with a dog training company and started my journey.

To this day, each year I push myself to train with the best dog trainers in the country. I go to seminars, classes, take lessons, listen to podcasts, read books and articles, and take online courses to make sure I can provide the best services for my clients and their dogs. I’ve trained over 1,500 dogs successfully and continue to train more and more dogs each year.

Dog training is my passion and my life, I don’t do this for profit, but to help make sure I can save another dog from ending up at the shelter being euthanized and producing amazing awesome dogs out in the community.

I currently raise puppies for a breeder that go off to different jobs such as service or therapy programs, I am AKC CGC elevator certified, S.T.A.R puppy, and CPR Pet+care certified.
I participate in different sports with my dogs such as agility, dock diving, and Protection Sport Association.

I’ve trained over 1,500 dogs, I have worked with shelters & rescues volunteering to help train dogs to help them succeed in their new homes. I’ve also taught Police Handlers how to properly use and train with E-collars, and donated gear to local police departments. Most importantly I am a student, I do my best to learn what tricks or methods benefit you and your dog’s relationship.