hands on dog training


In-Home Boarding

We offer safe and comfortable in-home boarding options with certified and trusted sitters for dogs trained through My Dog’s Coach only. You can be assured that your dog will be cared for in a warm and friendly environment where they have the freedom to roam around and interact with a fun companion.

Stay & Train

Let us take care of the initial training with our Stay & Train program. A short stay with us is all it takes to implement positive behavior and obedience with your dog. Our certified trainers will use positive reinforcement when teaching your dog various skills and techniques.

In-Home Training

We provide dog training right from the comfort of your own home. Your dog will benefit from learning new skills in a familiar environment that is free from outside distractions. The ease and convenience of our In-Home Training is a great option for those who are unable to attend on-site classes.

Your dog coach is here for you

Dog training can often be a challenging and slow process, especially if you’re doing it alone. You may be unsure if you’re using the right techniques or frustrated that you’re not making any progress. My Dog’s Coach is here to help! We have many years of dog training experience and know the best ways to get you and your dog on the right track. Our courses cover training from the puppy stage to adult, and beginner to advanced. We can help you resolve behavior issues like jumping and excessive barking or instill positive skills like walking off leash and everyday commands.

We utilize training techniques that are endorsed by organizations like the Association of Professional Dog Trainers and the National K-9 Dog Trainers Association. Our trainers are educated in all methods of dog training to guarantee results. We love to start our training with reward-based methods which makes us positive first, but if necessary our trainers are highly educated on the proper use of E-collars and other tools that help you build a stronger bond with your dog.

You can be as hands-on or hands-off as you want in training your dog, but it’s important to realize that it’s ultimately up to you to continue using the skills your dog learns. For dogs trained through My Dog’s Coach, we also offer in-home boarding services and pack walks for your dog to enjoy.

Good Boys


Happy Families

Puppy Head Start

This course is specially designed to provide puppies with a solid foundation of good behavior skills. You’ll learn how to reduce undesirable behaviors like chewing and excessive barking through positive reinforcement as well as house-training tips.

One on One Coaching

Our individualized approach to coaching gives your dog the special attention he deserves. You and your dog will be able to learn and practice skills quickly, without the distraction of other people and dogs.

Pack Walks

Encourage your dog to join a pack! Our pack walks are a great way to socialize your dog in a group setting. He’ll enjoy some fun exercise and make a new friend or two!

Training the whole family

Training your dog doesn’t have to be a solitary endeavor! We encourage you to get the whole family involved when training your dog. Consistency is key when it comes to dog training, so it’s important that everyone is on the same page and applies the same skills and techniques.

Your dog’s training and skills will thrive when everyone is working together toward the same goals.